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  • Amy Chamberlin

Voicing Mi’gmaw Education Standards: Building authentic relations & taking a strength-based approach

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

On September 1, 2021, the LETE presented on its ‘Mi’gmaw Education Standards’ project at the Gepmite’tmnej Ta’n Telolti’gw, Treaty Education Professional Development days, held at the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School (AGS).

Our goal at LETE is to create standards for education that meet the changing needs and aspirations of Mi’gmaq learners. “It is important that students feel respected, supported, and loved: these are foundational to learning and supporting learners reaching their full potential,” LETE Staff (June 2021). The LETE is working with learners, staff, and the community to document – and implement – Mi’gmaw Education Standards, which respect Mi’gmaw worldview(s) and knowledges.

As part of creating a positive learning environment, the LETE is focusing on an Educators’ Mantra, where educators: Motivate, Facilitate, Accommodate, and Collaborate. To kick-start the year in a good way, the LETE is starting with these educational standards:

i) Build authentic educator-learner relationships

ii) Take a strength-based approach that recognizes and encourages learners’ unique gifts.

The Mi’gmaq Education Standards project is part of LETE education governance and the ongoing transformation in education.

(Drawing by AGS student Donna Isaac-Brisk, who loves to pick sweetgrass, from Ms. Maddie Metallic’s Mi’gmaw immersion class (March 2021). Students were asked to draw or write about ‘Ta’n Gogwei Mawigsatm Etlgina’masi ula Alaqsite’w Gitpu Gina’muo’guom’/‘What I Like Best about Being a Student at AGS’).

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