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Snow Removal Contractors Needed - LMDC

Interested snow removal contractors are invited to submit quotations to the Listuguj Mi'gmaq Development Centre (LMDC) by noon on October 13, 2023. The quotation is to include the amount for the following services during workdays for the LMDC:

· Snow removal for the LMDC parking lot before 7:30 AM

· All exits/entrances shovelled and cleared before 8 AM, including the Emergency exit path cleared behind the building

· Salt for the driveway and exits

· Snow removal of the LMDC roof - twice during the season

Separate Hourly Contract:

· Snow removal of excess piled areas - twice during the season, if needed

Quotations are to be brought to the attention of Tania Diotte at the LMDC, 2 Pacific Drive, Listuguj. If you have any questions, Tania can be reached at 418-788-1347 or by email at

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