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Recruiting Instructors 2024

The Listuguj / CBU Community Studies Program is recruiting instructors. You can apply by sending your resume and letter of intent to Melissa Drapeau at


MGSC 1109 – Calculus for Business

This course provides a mathematical foundation for business students, showing how mathematical concepts can be applied to describe business and economic phenomena. Topics covered include rational and polynomial functions, the mathematics of finance, limits and continuity, derivatives with applications including maxima and minima and integral calculus.


MGMT 4219 – Social Leadership

Leadership is above all else relational in character. Understanding leadership requires learning about modes of communication, the distribution of power, the role of personal and collective values, the construction and sharing of knowledge, and the ways people interact with others in one-on-one situations, as members of teams, and within normative group structures. The course assists students in better understanding the social, psychological, and cultural factors that contribute to leadership behaviours and the ways in which people respond to them. It also explores contemporary transformational technologies that a social leader can benefit from as he/she goes about leadership functions in a social change context.


ECON 1101 - Principles of Microeconomics

The nature and scope of economics. Topics include scarcity and choice, consumer behaviour, demand and supply, elasticity, the theory of the firm, income distribution and applications.


MGSC 2101 – Computers in Business

Introduces students to the use of the computer in the solution of business problems. Includes computer literacy and use of MS Office microcomputer software (Excel spreadsheet and Access database management). Hands-on lab sessions are an integral part of the course.


FINC 2401 – Business Finance I

An introductory course in financial management. Topics include analysis of financial statements, long-term financial planning, time value of money, bond and stock valuation, investment criteria, basic capital budgeting techniques and their applications, risk returns and capital markets.


FINC 2403 – Business Finance II

An extension of FINC2401. Covers topics in long-term and short-term financing, such as issuing securities to the public, cost of capital, capital structure, dividend policy, cash and liquidity management, and credit and inventory management. Issues in mergers and acquisitions, leasing and options are also discussed.


MIKM 3108 – Confronting Cdn Colonialism

The history of Settler-Indigenous relations in Canada is investigated with the goal of revealing the existing structures and ongoing operation of colonialism. The course builds on this knowledge by considering alternative perspectives and movements offered by resurgent Indigenous cultures. Contemporary debates about the nature, scope and implications of reconciliation will serve to frame class discussion and the study of colonialism past and present, with a view to appraising prospects for 'Indigenizing' social relations and political power in Canada.

COMS 3101 – Work Experience Placement II Students undertake a second work placement position that is relevant to their career interests. Students engage in both course work and experiential learning to gain depth and breadth of understanding while making valuable connections with potential employers post-graduation.

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