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Post-Secondary Student Obligations

Within the first 30 days of each semester, students are required to:

  • Submit a list of your registered courses

  • Submit a list of required textbooks (found on the syllabus)

  • Opt out of any Health/Dental Insurance Plans; which is not an eligible expense under PSSSP

Throughout your studies, students are required to:

  • Attend/participate in class regularly

  • Maintain good academic standing

  • Maintain communication with the Post-Secondary Manager

  • Submit grades after each semester. Failing to do so will PAUSE your funding (no payments will be processed)

  • Notify the Post-Secondary Manager of any changes related to your studies or funding (course withdrawals, contact information, banking information)

  • Notify the Post-Secondary Manager, before and during training, of all types of additional income that you receive during your training (salaries, compensations, benefits or other)

  • Notify the Post-Secondary Manager and the training institution of any program withdrawals. In the event you decide to QUIT, you must notify the Post-Secondary Manager AND the training institution. It is strongly encouraged to speak to an Academic Advisor before making a decision. Costs incurred by LETE/LMG as a result of suspension or abandonment could be charged to the Student.

  • Re-apply for funding after completing your academic year. All applications are only valid for one year. Students are required to re-apply for funding every year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Post-Secondary Manager, Christie Caplin-Isaac. She can be reached at 418-788-2248 or by email at

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