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Post-Secondary Reminder

It’s that time of year again. I hope you are all rested and ready to start another academic year! By now, you should be registered for your Fall 2023 courses.

Just a few quick reminders.

  • Health/Dental Insurance fees (full-time students only) – this is not something that is covered, so if you haven’t opted out, you will be responsible for paying this fee. Usually, the school will email you about this (there is also a deadline, and you must do it every year!)

  • List of Registered Courses – if I don’t already have a copy, please send me a list of your registered fall courses. It is important to remain at a full-time status to avoid any overpayments/debts. (If you become a part-time student, you are ineligible for the living allowance.)

  • Financial Situation – if this changes, please notify me to see if there is anything we can do. Anyone employed full-time is ineligible for any living allowances, so if you end up finding employment, please let me know as soon as possible. You can have casual or part-time work while on Living Allowance; however, you should let me know if you earn over $800/month.

  • Employment Insurance – Anyone on EI will be closely monitored (start/end dates and new claims). There have been some changes regarding rates and duration; students will require 630 insurable hours to be eligible for EI Regular Benefits. They will be eligible for a minimum of 17 weeks of benefits, and the best 20 weeks will be used to calculate the rate. If you receive EI at a weekly rate of less than $400 a week, you may be eligible for a partial allowance.

Currently, we have over 240 sponsored students for 2023/2024. We are also expecting approximately 120 PS Graduates by June 2024, which is amazing! I’m very excited for all of you.

The next deadline for the Indspire bursary is November 1st. If you are applying, please let me know by October 13th so that I have time to prepare the Confirmation of Sponsorship Letters (required by Indspire). More information can be found at

I also found an Indigenous Bursaries Search Tool (over 688 bursaries listed).

I’m always here if you have questions or concerns.

Christie Caplin Isaac

LETE Post-Secondary Manager

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