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Methods & Resource

The Methods and Resource Teachers are responsible for assisting classroom teachers and education assistants in developing differentiated teaching strategies to meet the needs of students with differing learning styles and exceptionalities. Accommodations can involve the use of specialized learning programs and equipment. LETE uses the Response to Intervention (RTI) approach for student support services. The RTI approach is tiered. Tiered means varying levels of support are used at different intensities to allow all students to work to their fullest potential.  

The Methods & Resource Teachers are members of the Special Education Team (SET). As required, the Methods & Resource teachers assist in the assessment and placement of students through classroom observations, administering and interpreting academic and standardized tests, and participating in the student assessment process. The Methods and Resource teachers deliver special education services to students from kindergarten/nursery to Grade 8.  Methods & Resource teachers may also co-teach whole classes and assist the teacher in the classroom with techniques in skill development for behaviour modification. 

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