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Makers' Market Success

Last Friday, AGS held its first-ever Makers' Market. To say it was a success would be a huge understatement. You know we live in an awesome place when you have that type of community support. Most of our student businesses were sold out within hours of opening the market. Our total sales projections for the day…… a whopping $19,769! That’s right, close to 20k was spent to support our students!

From everyone involved in the Makers' Market organizing committee, we would like to generously thank everyone who showed up to support our AGS students. Everyone helped put a big smile on all of their faces.

A big congratulations go out to all the students and teachers with their successful businesses! Watching all of the hard work put into starting and building their businesses was something to watch over the last month or so. You all should be very proud of the successful business ventures you managed and built.

Now we look forward to doing another bigger and better one next year! Maybe, even have a Christmas Market?

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