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The Listuguj Mi'gmaq Development Centre

We provide guidance and supports for career opportunities that empower Listuguj Mi'gmaq

Our Services

We help develop an independent, skilled Mi'gmaq Labour Force through employment and training initiatives by affirming Mi'gmaq values aimed to foster relationships with self, others and the environment.

Support & Counselling

Support and counselling services help you recognize your individual challenges, strengths, weaknesses, difficulties and needs in relation to employment and education. Guidance and support will help you find solutions and strategies you can bring to your new professional and academic development. Such as:

  • Helping you write a resume / cover letter

  • Support in setting an educational or employment goal

  • Provide you with information about school

  • Support with job search techniques

Training & Development

We help provide a variety of training opportunities to help our clients enter and stay in the labour market through skills based on the labour market demand in our region. We provide trainings for keeping a job, progressing in a job and integrating the labour market. 

Are you thinking about additional training that would help increase your skills for a specific career? Are you an employee who wants to enhance your skills and remain competitive in the job market, or an employer who wants to train new and/or existing employees?

If so, our Training and Development measures are for you. Check out our current Vocational Training programs being offered.

Guidance and support will help you increase your potential to move into the labour market in a sustainable way, while making use of your knowledge, qualifications and skills. 

Are you an organization that needs additional resources, and can provide valuable work experience? Do you have a great business idea but need help getting it off the ground?

We may be able to provide support and services for job creation and new business initiatives (Self-Employment Assistance).

Myrna Isaac


Employment & Career Counsellor

Dianna Barnaby-Nasson.JPG

Dianna Barnaby-Nason

Employment & Career Counsellor

For guidance on how to get your career started, contact one of our Career & Employment Counsellors

Need support with starting your Post-Secondary career?

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Casey Metallic

Post-Secondary Career & Support Counsellor

Are you interested in a specific training program at LMDC?

Ashley Barnaby.jpg

Ashley Barnaby

Professional Training Coordinator

Not sure where to start?
Contact our receptionist and she will help guide you.

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Justine Jacobs


Remember: LMDC has a NO SCENT POLICY. This includes; perfumes, strong deodorants, colognes, scented lotions, etc. There is no smoking permitted on the LMDC premises. 


Allergy Alert! Citrus fruits (limes, lemons, oranges, etc.) are not permitted in the LMDC building. Help keep our building safe for everyone!