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Listuguj Students Perform Ta'n Wetapegsulti'gw – Where we come from

The Listuguj-CBU Community Studies students have completed their L'nu Culture in Media course. As a final project, students prepared and performed a theatre play entitled "Ta'n Wetapegsulti'gw," written by Peter Vicaire. Students from the Alaqsite'w Gitpu School and Sugarloaf Senior High School were also invited to star alongside them. They performed three shows: March 24th for AGS staff and students, March 25th for invited guests, and March 26th for the community. Their final performance was even live-streamed on LMG's YouTube channel.

Ta'n Wetapegsulti'gw tells the story of two sisters, Anissa and Nahla, who are lost in the forest and are trying to find their way home. They stumble upon two tricksters, Apli'gmuj and Giwnig, who are seemingly put on their path to waste their time. However, this playful duo leaves them with valuable teachings about our Creation Story and way of life. The director Shane Leydon shares, “In this story, Apli’gmuj says to the two lost girls, “How do you expect to know where to go if you don’t know where you came from?!” Out of all the bickering and fighting and one-upping Apli’gmuj and Giwnig do amongst each other, this is one line that has a lot of wisdom in it.” The teachings help Anissa and Nahla further along their journey, but you’ll have to watch their performance on YouTube to hear the whole story.

The atmosphere this group created in the Alaqsite'w Gitpu School gymnasium was extraordinary. The sets, designed by Jonathan Barnaby, immersed the audience in the story. The structure of Gulug's nest towered over the characters, making us, as the audience, worried for them and their encounter with Gulug. The costumes, designed by Claudia Gray and Oakley Gray, and masks, created by Duane Isaac, were stunning and enhanced the overall look of each character.

The sound and lighting provided by S.R. Sound were on point. As you may already know, bolts of lightning are an integral part of our Creation Story. S.R. Sound did an excellent job of portraying their intensity on stage.

The Listuguj Education Directorate congratulates these students on their outstanding performance and work behind the scenes. Thank you to everyone who made this play a success. All your hard work has paid off.

Production Credits

Shane Leydon Director

Troy Mundle Acting Coach

Michael Rossi Videographer

Duane Isaac Mask Design

Claudia Gray Costume Design

Oakley Gray Costume Design

Jonathan Barnaby Set Design

Peter Vicaire Screenplay Writer

Jonathan Labillois Artistic Director

Doug Pictou Music Coordinator

Ryan Parker Producer

Jacob Gale Stage Manager

Sound and Lights provided by S.R. Sound

Special thanks:

Sheila Christie

Gordon Sparks

Darryl Stevens

Everest Johnson

Cast List

(In order of appearance)

Glusgap Jeanette Henry

Anissa Anissa Metallic

Nahla Nahla Barnaby

Apli’gmuj Sandy Bulmer

Giwnig Ashley Barnaby

Na’gu’set/Nisgam Kara Metallic

Nugumi Talia Caplin

Apistanewj Scarlett Vicaire

Netawansum Jacob Bernard

Ni’ganaptegewi’sgw Myrna Isaac

Gulug Tanya Simonson

Crew List

Connie Moon

Jennifer Isaac

Jessie Moffat

Kaylea Germain

Mali Wysote

Meredith Bernard

Miranda Caggiano

Tori Condo-Metallic

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