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Listuguj Enhancement - Student Spotlight

The Listuguj Enhancement Team is incredibly proud of Joey Caplin and his achievements in Taekwondo. Joey has been Master Patrick Soucy’s student since the age of six. He earned his black belt at the age of 12, after years of hard work and steady progress. Just a few weeks ago, Joey achieved his Second Dan black belt. To no surprise, Joey’s next goal is to achieve his Third Dan black belt, which we know he will achieve in three years. He’s very focused and wants to continue making his Grandma Vivian-o’q and Grandpa Gowey proud.

This sport has allowed Joey to travel to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario for tournaments. Joey will soon travel to Halifax, NS, to partake in an Olympic Seminar Training session with Olympic trainers and coaches. Here’s a list of tournaments he’s attended during this school year alone:

  • Provincials in Moncton – Won 1st place.

  • Quebec City tournament – Won 1st place.

  • Nova Scotia tournament – Won 2nd place.

  • Quebec City tournament – Won 2nd place.

  • Toronto, ON - Nationals – Canadian championship – Won 8th place.

  • Dalhousie, NB tournament – Won 2nd place.

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