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Honouring the Legacy of Gail Metallic – Memorial Awards

Family and friends will offer monetary awards in memory of Gail Metallic, a lifelong educator and leader. Gail devoted her life to revitalizing the Mi’gmaq language and celebrating the resilience of our People. Gail leaves a legacy of promoting the best interests of students and the community, revitalizing the Mi’gmaq language and, more importantly, working with others to build Mi’gmaq systems of governance, education, culture and language. Loved for her abilities to bring about the best in others and see the best in others, we will memorialize Gail’s commitment to her people through the recipients of this scholarship.

Generally, there will be four $500.00 awards, one of each under the four following categories:


1. General Academic Success is represented by a student transitioning to a college, vocational, or university who has demonstrated a commitment to community, academics and their Mi’gmaq heritage.

2. Mi’gmaq Language and Culture Excellence – represented by a student or community member who has shown a dedicated and consistent effort to celebrate, learn, promote and otherwise revitalize their capacity to speak Mi’gmaq and practice their culture in any concrete form.


3. Perseverance and Resilience – represented by a student or community member who, through their efforts, has achieved success in their personal or academic life, and has overcome significant challenges, whether these challenges are personal or a product of living with colonial trauma.

4. Personal Growth and Improvement Support – represented by a student or community member who requires financial support to gain knowledge, training, practice, etc., that will contribute to building Mi’gmaq systems of knowledge and doing in Listuguj.

Additional information on who can apply:

Generally, all applicants would have attended the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School and/or attended a high school localized to Listuguj. Should an applicant not meet either requirement but can prove solid and deep ties to Listuguj, or a personal commitment to directly strengthening the community, they are welcome to apply. Applicants who are Mi’gmaq but do not have status will also be considered, so long as they attended AGS and a localized high school for a minimum of two years.

Applicants interested in applying for the winter awards have until December 9, 2022, to do so. We ask that applicants provide their names and explain who they are, how they fit the category, and why they should be considered for these awards, using the information described above as a guide. Applicants can apply in writing, under 500 words, visually or orally. You can submit them to Christie Caplin Isaac at

Those selected for the first two awards will have to provide their social insurance number to meet the legal requirements of EF Realtor Inc, the donator of the first two awards.

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