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Exam Week for High School Students

Next week, January 23-27, is exam week for high school students attending Sugarloaf Senior High School (SSHS) and Polyvalente Roland-Pépin (PRP).

SSHS Exam schedule is as follows:

Period 1 – Exam on Monday morning

Period 2 – Exam on Tuesday morning

Period 3 – Exam on Wednesday morning

Period 4 – Exam on Thursday morning

Period 5 – Exam on Friday morning

In the event of a Snow Day, the exam scheduled for that day will be pushed to the next school day, and the exam originally scheduled for that morning will be in the afternoon. For example, if Tuesday is a snow day, the exam scheduled for Tuesday morning will now be Wednesday morning and the exam that was to be done Wednesday morning will now occur on Wednesday afternoon.

As always, students who attend the Listuguj Learning Center (@LMDC building) do not partake in exam week. Therefore, there will be classes, as usual, all week.

Next week, the buses will run as normal in the morning. However, SSHS students will be picked up at noon each day.

There will be no cafeteria services next week.

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