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Enhancement Moose Harvest 2023

From October 25th to the 27th, several grade 11 and 12 students from Listuguj had the opportunity to participate in a moose harvest retreat in Kedgwick, NB. This event has been hosted by Enhancement staff for several years, where they've successfully harvested a moose each year.

This year’s harvest was guided by Enhancement’s staff member, Derek Barnaby, and community members Ronnie Martin, Felix Atencio and Ala’suinu Barnaby. The students are thankful for the knowledge and teachings shared throughout this experience.

Groups left the cabins in Kedgwick during the late afternoon for their first outing to scour the land for any trace of moose, returning at nightfall – only to awake in the early morning to return to the woods. The animals were spotted on many occasions, but it was not until the early morning that each group successfully got their moose. The groups returned to Listuguj where students worked on harvesting their moose in preparation for the butcher. This trip included many lessons in subject areas such as sustainability, geographical areas, environmental science, biology and traditional teachings of harvesting a moose. Both moose will be prepared and distributed to the students and their families.

This three-day event guided students through an unforgettable learning experience, connecting with the land and their ancestral knowledge and practices. Enhancement, Listuguj Education and the SSHS community are incredibly proud of our students’ accomplishments.

Enhancement Manager

Anna Smith

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