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Enhancement Moose Harvest

For the 5th year, the Enhancement team has organized a Moose Harvest with some of our SSHS students. Derek Barnaby has been the chaperone, hunter, and organizer every year. They departed SSHS on Thursday, October 20th, in the morning. The group was joined by community hunter and elder Ronnie Martin and Felix Atencio-Gonzales.

The students were shown how to track moose tracks, moose call, and later how to track a blood trail to the moose—followed by learning about the importance of having a ceremony with the moose, which was performed by one of our students.

The group was successful in their hunt as Derek shot a moose with the help of our students – Robbie Molley, Tanner Ouelette-Barnaby, Jacob Bernard and Ala’suinu Bouge – just before the sun went down, which made for a long night of hauling the moose out.

Students heard The Creation Story, our culture and traditions relating to moose and our relationship to the land – M’sit No'gmaq. It was another successful learning experience for all!

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