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To shape a proud Mi’gmaq student body by strengthening their cultural identity and connecting students to resources

The Enhancement Program is a joint signed agreement between the Province of New Brunswick and the Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation, among other First Nations in NB.

Our agreement facilitates a positive working relationship between the Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation and Anglophone North & Francophone North School Districts (Campbellton area).

The province of New Brunswick has committed 50% of the tuition fee paid by the Listuguj Mi'gmaq First Nation back to them, in order to provide services and programs for all eligible Listuguj students attending public schools.

The nominal roll is all eligible students who reside in Listuguj, but attend a provincial school in New Brunswick (Campbellton area).

This funding helps to determine what services and programs are needed for our students.

Services Provided at the Sugarloaf Senior High School

  • Native Guidance Counselor

  • Attendance/Transition Intervener

  • Academic Mentor

  • Mi’gmaq Language Instructor

  • Education Assistants (8)

  • Culture

  • Suicide Awareness

  • Financial Fitness

  • First Nation Methods & Resource

  • First Nation Culture Club

  • Career & Trades Fair

  • Transition meetings/presentations at AGS & CMS

  • Parent-teacher meetings arranged in community of Listuguj (twice a year)


Cultural Activities Include

  • 4 Culture Celebration Days throughout school year

  • Mini Pow-Wows

  • Daily lunch time culture crafts with Lita

  • Mi’gmaq Language class brings in guest speakers from community

  • Native Studies – Guest speakers from community

  • CLC – twice a week with Culture Teacher

  • Orange Shirt Day

  • Annual Treaty Day celebration - October

  • Month of October – Mi’gmaq History Month    

  • Moose hunt/harvest

  • Youth Retreat

  • Traditional Bow Making Co-op course  

  • Moon Making contests with students (during lunch hour)

  • Mi’gmaq Language class

  • Moccasin making

  • Attend community events, ceremonies

  • Visit Adult Mi’gmaq Immersion class (once per semester)

Services Provided at the Learning Centre

  • Student Support Worker

  • Culture

  • Community guest speakers

  • Daily breakfast

  • Transportation to and from SSHS

  • Land-based learning

The Learning Centre has classrooms situated in Campbellton and at the Listuguj Mi'gmaq Development Centre.

Campbellton Learning Centre.jpg

 Fun Facts 

Listuguj was the 1st First Nation to sign the Enhancement Agreement with the Province of New Brunswick in December of 2008.

We have Culture Days at SSHS to celebrate the 4 seasons

Our students were the 1st to make a Birch Bark Canoe as their Co-op credit towards their high school diploma.

SSHS offers Parent Teacher meetings here in our community for students/parents on Parent Teacher Interview day each semester.

We made history by being the 1st school in the Province of New Brunswick to have a dedicated flag pole and raised the Mi’gmaq Grand Council flag.

We have seen negative impacts with our students who turn 18 and receive their SA funds, so we implemented a program to help them manage their funds responsibly.

We moved 12 seats that we pay for from the Campbellton Learning Centre into our community which we call the Listuguj Learning Centre.

Contact our Manager for more information

Bobbi Madahbee

Bobbi Madahbee

Enhancement Manager

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