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Let's Have a Conversation About Education!

Do you want to have your voice heard? We are continuing to look for community members to talk to about the past, present, and future of Education in Listuguj.

We can join you and/or your family where you feel comfortable. We can also arrange a time to meet in our new Communications Room at the Listuguj Education, Training & Employment (Education Complex). We can offer you a meal with coffee or tea!

Why participate?

We are aiming to better understand the needs and hopes for high school education, and education governance more broadly. We want to know how to best support Mi’gmaq culture, language, worldviews – and most importantly, students! This information will help us plan the future of education in our community.

During these discussions, we hope you will share with us:

  • When you think about our youth’s future, and their identity as a Mi’gmaw person, what do you wish for them? What ways can a high school support that?

  • How can a high school best support culture, Mi’gmaw identity, language transmission, and revitalization while also ensuring academic success?

  • How can and should parents, caregivers and community members at large be involved in the governance of the Listuguj education system? (This includes decision making in how our education system should move forward).

For more information, contact Kammy Vicaire at or you can call at 418-788-2248.

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