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Education Complex

Lorna Sook

LETE Director

Christy Caplin Isaac

Post-Secondary Manager

Amy Chamberlin

Governance Policy Associate

Kammy Vicaire

Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Charlene Ritchie

Administrative Clerk

Lita Isaac

Community Culture Instructor

Tammy Barnaby

LETE Associate Director

Melissa Drapeau

PS Program Officer In-Community

Chris Metallic

Education Service Manager

Hilary Barnaby

Technical Writer / Editor

Tabitha Brisk


Jacob Gale

Treaty Education Lead

Beverly Basque Martin

LETE Executive Assistant

Bobbi Madahbee

Enhancement Manager

George Arsenault

Outdoor Maintenance Manager

Job Opening

Mi'gmaq Systems Manager

Milaine Mercier-Pitre

Graphic Designer


Listuguj Mi'gmaq Development Centre

Jennifer LaBillois

Associate Director

Dianna Barnaby-Nason

Career & Employment Counsellor

Ashley Barnaby

Professional Training Coordinator

Ruth Barnaby

Interim Administrative Clerk

Christie Caplin Isaac

Post-Secondary Manager

Lisa Molley

Administrative / Accounting Clerk

Justine Jacobs


Myrna Isaac

Career & Employment Counsellor

Casey Metallic

Post-Secondary Career & Support Counsellor

Allanah Dedam

Administrative Clerk (Temporary Leave)

Brian Martin




Alaqsite'w Gitpu School

Jeff Grass


Lise Moffat

Special Education Coordinator

Jarrett Francis

Mi'gmaq Immersion Principal

Tobi Myo


Alice Moffat

Office Manager

Susie Isaac

Attendance / ASM


K4 - K5

Joanna Gray

K4 English

Dolly Barnaby

K4 Mi'gmaq Co-teacher

Joyce Germain

K5 Nipugtugewei Kindergarten

Theresa Mitchell

K4 Mi'gmaq 

Dolores Martin

K5 English

Marilyn Jacques


Sarah Arsenault

K4 Mi'gmaq

Brenda Germain

K5 Nipugtugewei Kindergarten

Elementary Teachers

Naomi Marchand

Grade 1 English

Kristie Methot

Grade 2 English

Carole Pelletier

Grade 3 French

Louise Vicaire

Grade 4 French

Nicole Metallic-Ward

Grade 1 Mi'gmaq

Maddie Metallic

Grade 2 Mi'gmaq

Karen Martin

Grade 3/4 Mi'gmaq

Dolly Barnaby

Grade 1 Mi'gmaq Co-teacher

Sarah Vicaire

Grade 3 English

Patsy Mallaley

Grade 4 English

Middle School Teachers

Carley Wysote

Grade 5 English

Tanya Wysote

Grade 6 English

Kathie Arsenault

Grade 7 French

Leha Jacques

Grade 5 French

Mandy Belliveau

Grade 6 French

JD Touchie

Grade 8 English

Jean Isaac

Grade 6 English

Corey Metallic

Grade 7 English

Tammy Williamson

Grade 8 French

Education Assistant (EA)

Denise Isaac

Grade 3/4 Mi'gmaq 

Mona Vicaire

Grade 1 Mi'gmaq 

Krystel Johnson

K5 English 

Darla Caplin

Grade 5 English

Hayden Metallic

Male Mentor English

Pernell Wysote

Male Mentor Mi'gmaq 

Crystal Moffat

Grade 2 Mi'gmaq

Connie Fitzpatrick

Grade 5 English 

Shelley Martell

Grade 3

Herbert Barnaby

Experiential Worker


Paul Jacques

Male Mentor Mi'gmaq 

Carol Barnaby

K4 English

Karla Condo

Grade 7 English 

Shera Wysote

Grade 5 English

Special Education

Mabel Metallic

Mi'gmaq Enhancement/Methods & Resource

Anita Basque

Guidance Counsellor

Chris Wysote


Cara Cyr

Methods & Resource K-4 - 4

Dawn Basque

Guidance Assistant

Colleen Methot


Justin McRae

Methods & Resource Grade 5- 8

Tammy Isaac

School Social Worker

Leah Metallic

Behavioural Intervention


Audrey Wilmot


Audrey Mitchell


Jonathan Barnaby

Outdoor Education Coordinator

Michael Barnaby


Ryan Parker

21st Century Learning 

Jennifer Morrison

Physical Education

Lorrie Harquail

Physical Education

Travis Barnaby

Outdoor Education Assistant

George Martin

Male Mentor/Safety

Claudia Gray


Carole Arsenault


Cassandra Hall


Keetha Metallic


Jordan's Principle

Miranda Goodfellow


Kanyon Morrison

Grade 1

Shana Isaac

Grade 3 FI

Jason Harquail

Grade 7

Estrella Borejo

Atl Education

Justine Jacques

Grade 2

Nick Barnaby

Grade 4


Amanda Pelletier 

Grade 7 FI

Robyn Vicaire

Occupational Therapy

Sebosis Paul

Grade 1

Katie Miller

Grade 3

Duane Isaac

Grade 6

Brooke Moffat

Speech Therapy


Dave Caplin

AGS Maintenance Supervisor

Bernadine Ritchie

AGS Custodian

Sarah Joseph

AGS Custodian

Penny Condo

AGS Custodian


Caroline Dedam

AGS Custodian

Joyce Barnaby

Complex Custodian


Bus Drivers

Joe Sark

Gitpu - SSHS East End

Christian Bedard

Gu’Gu’gwes - Spare Mini Bus

Guy Lavoie

Mini Bus - Galion and PRP

Pierette Fournier 

Migjijg - AGS Grade 5 & 6

Mario Bujold

Gopit - AGS Grade 1 & 2

Paul Brisk

Plamu - AGS K4/K5 & Grades 3/4

Ricky Brisk

Muin - SSHS West End

Sylvie Roussel

Paqtesm - AGS Grade 7 & 8

Elawsimgewei Gina'muo'guom

Myrna Sook

Administrator / Co-Manager

Jodie Callaghan

Teacher - English / History / Personal Dev't

Tammy Martin

Gesgapegiag Manager

Tracey Condo

Gesgapegiag Teacher

Hope Philbrick

Gesgapegiag Teacher