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Behaviour Intervention

Under the school principal's supervision, the behaviour intervention worker is responsible for assisting students experiencing behavioural difficulties. Behaviour Intervention work is responsible and complex: the worker supports classroom teachers, the Special Education support staff, and the school administration. Working directly under the school principal, the Behavioural Interventionist provides direct support to students and parents (e.g., strategies and activities for students with specific behavioural, social, or emotional concerns).


The Behaviour Interventionist ensures follow-through with natural and logical consequences for misbehaviour; proximity monitoring and physical space structuring; assists with implementing and monitoring anti-bullying programs and behaviour contracts; mentoring students; and behaviour modelling. The Behaviour Interventionist supervises out-of-class/in-class student suspensions (Intervention Tutorials) and the physical removal of severely disruptive children (e.g. if there is a risk of the student hurting themselves or others or causing severe property damage). 

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