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Treaty Education

The Treaty Education Program is designed to help each and every one of our students understand who they are, where they come from and provides them with the tools and teachings necessary to be successful in today's evolving world. 

Treaty Education involves a holistic approach to Mi'gmaq Education. Not only do we learn about our Treaties and our Treaty relationship, but it incorporates our ancestors, language, ceremonies, land-based learning, student led inquiry projects, history and so much more. It is about decolonizing the learning journey and deconstructing and reconstructing the changes that need to be made in our education system. Our culture and knowledge is so rich and beautiful and through the process of Etuaptmumg - Two-Eyed Seeing - we can continue to grow our Mi'gmaq teachings and understandings.


We believe it is necessary that we teach our students about our Mi'gmaq Ways of Being and Knowing. To incorporate the four aspects of humaneness: the mind, heart, spirit, and body with the understanding that young people are gifts to Humanity, sacred beings that are to be honoured and treated with love, respect, and dignity. As Mi'gmaq, we recognize that we are all connected and intertwined together by the supportive strands of relationship - with one another and with the Earth - and we should always emphasize the well-being of the collective. (Mi'gmaq Ways of Being and Knowing - Elder Jane Meader).

Throughout our educational history, whose stories have been shared and valued?

Our students need to see themselves reflected at school, through meaningful resources, student centred lessons and throughout the curriculum. Our students need to gain a deep sense of pride, where their strengths and individual gifts are acknowledged and cultivated so they reach their full potential. Our program works towards these goals.

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Jacob Gale

Treaty Education Coordinator