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AGS Testing Protocols

The Alaqsite’w Gitpu School has updated our COVID-19 Testing Protocols. Starting Monday, March 14th, if parents provide consent for their child to receive a rapid test from school staff when there is an exposure, a PCR test will no longer be required to confirm a negative result.

Also, beginning on March 21st, masks will only be required in shared spaces. Masks will not be required in the classroom.

We will be sending physical copies of the consent form home with students. However, it can also be downloaded here:

Rapid Test Consent Form
Download PDF • 67KB

Updated Testing Protocols

If AGS is notified of an exposure in a classroom:

  • Rapid tests will be administered to the entire class if parents have provided consent.

  • Students who test negative and do not have symptoms can remain in school.

  • If AGS does not have parental consent to administer a rapid test, the parent is instructed to get a PCR test.

If a student tests positive, they will be instructed to isolate (consult the image below for duration).

Remember, parents should not send their child to school if they are showing any symptoms or feel ill.

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