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Speech and Language Therapy

Whether your child is struggling with language, stuttering, articulation or social communication, our speech-language pathologists are trained to offer services adapted to the context of your family. 
Your child and their teacher work with us to ensure that their communication and language needs are met. We help with articulation and speech sound, vocabulary and expressing ideas, understanding directions and following stories, reading, writing and math. Every week throughout the school year, by computer, we meet with the students needing support in direct therapy or in small groups. Once a month, Kristy is in the school to evaluate children and to meet with the teachers and staff to ensure that your children are progressing well. We also screen the new students coming in every year to make sure that anyone needing help gets it as soon as possible.
We love working as a team. As such, we collaborate with teachers, educational assistants, the OT team and families too! If you want more information about how we can help your children with their speech, language, reading, writing or math, we are always there to help! Just drop us a line by email at, by phone at 418-431-0111, or through our Facebook: Centre Mosaique de Quebec. 

Our Team

Kristy Findlay Speech Language Pathologist.png

Kristy Findlay
Speech-Language Pathologist

Brooke Moffat Speech Language Pathologist Assistant.jpg

Brooke Moffat
Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant

Yolaine Poulin Speech Language Pathologist.png

Yolaine Poulin

Speech-Language Pathologist

Marie de Blois Speech Language Pathologist.png

Marie de Blois

Speech-Language Pathologist

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