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Special Education

Students who have behavioral, communicational, intellectual, physical, or multiple exceptionalities may require special education programs and/or services to benefit fully from their school experience.

Special education programs and services primarily consist of instruction and assessments that are different from those provided to the general student population. These may take the form of accommodations (such as specific teaching strategies, preferential seating, and assistive technology) and/or an educational program that is modified from the age-appropriate grade level expectations in a particular course or subject, as outlined in the Listuguj Education Special Education Management Framework. These services can be direct or indirect. 

Direct Services to students can include the following classroom or school-based services: 

  • Instructional assistance in regular class

  • Instructional in an enclosed special class

  • Instructional assistance outside class

  • Instruction in other setting

  • Individual assessment

  • IEP development

  • Behaviour counselling/mentorship

  • Speech & language services 

  • Occupational therapy services 

  • Psych-educational services

  • Health & social services

  • Other direct services 

Indirect Services to include the following programs and services: 

  • Special education policy development

  • Other organizational development

  • Staff development: ​​

    • Executive or management staff

    • Teachers

    • Non-teaching professionals

    • Educational Assistant, Educational Assistant-ASD or other support staff

  • Development of course programs

  • Development of instructional materials 

  • Development of other resources for students

  • Parental/Community support


Contact information: 

Lise Moffat, Special Education Coordinator 418-788-3100 or

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Lise Moffat

Special Education Coordinator