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General Programs 

Nipugtugewei Kindergarten

The best choice we've made as educator thus far in our careers is challenging educational norms to help children rebuild a healthy relationship with Mother Earth. 

In their time outdoors, children have the opportunity to develop a sense of self and community by connecting to culture, nature and language.

- Joyce Germain and Brenda Germain


Entry Point is Nursery and runs to grade 4.


The goal of the program is:

  • For students to understand Mi'gmaq culture, knowledge, customs and traditions.

  • To know where they come from: connect with the land and our people. To be proud of who they are as Mi'gmaq people.

  • To stop Mi'gmaq language loss and restore its use in the community.

  • Employability, speakers of the Mi'gmaq language are in high demand due to the developing local economy in Listuguj and in the education, language and culture sectors. 


Starting from grade 3 to 8. Subjects Include: French, Mi’gmaq, English, Social Studies, Life Skills, PE, Science, and Outdoor Education.


The goal of the program is for students to move on to High School with the fundamental skills to experience success in grades 9-12, speaking/writing and reading French as a second language.


Entry point is K4. 


Subjects include: Mi’gmaq, English, French Second Language, Social Studies, Life Skills, PE, Science, and Outdoor Education. 


For more information on any of these programs, you can contact Jeff Grass at or call the school at 1-418-788-3100.

To the right, you will find a copy of the registration form for you to print and fill out. Forms can be submitted to Tobi Myo (receptionist) in person or by email at

Hard copies of the registration form can also be found at the AGS reception.

Treaty Education

Treaty Education involves a holistic approach to Mi’gmaq Education.

It incorporates our ancestors, language, ceremonies, land-based learning, student led inquiry projects, history and so much more. Treaty Education benefits all of our students. Each and every student should understand who they are and where they come from.


Through Treaty Education, we can provide them with the tools and teachings necessary to be successful in today's evolving world as Mi'gmaq students.

Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education is focused on Land-Based Learning. Our goal is to provide our students with the opportunity to develop a sense of self and community by connecting to culture and nature. 

The benefits of this program point to physical benefits like improved physical fitness and reduced stress, as well as behavioural benefits like improved attention and motivation, better self-discipline, and increased respect for nature.


The objective of the Culture Program is to learn, implement and promote our Mi'gmaq heritage. Students can expect to utilize ancestral life skills for survival following seasonal traditions through hands-on Mi'gmaq art forms. Students identify plants and animals, compare past and present customs of the Mi'gmaq, share and exchange acquired knowledge with family members. 

The program gives students from Nursery to Middle School the opportunity to grasp traditional Mi'gmaq concepts and life skills. 


The Alaqsite'w Gitpu school has vested interest in improving food security locally. The program will provide students with experiential learning opportunities which give youth tools and hope for successful future and refocuses their efforts into opportunities that go beyond academia.


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