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Traditional Mask Making

Last week, the Alaqsite’w Gitpu School invited Gordon Sparks to the community, a traditional mask maker and tattoo artist from Pabineau First Nation.

He came to educate our students on traditional Mi’gmaq masks and to make two new masks for the community, a male and a female. On Wednesday, he visited the school to share his craft, his teachings, and display some of his completed work.

On Thursday, he was joined by two community elders, Joe Wilmot and Glenda Wysote-LaBillois, to take a walk in the woods and harvest a tree for the new masks. The elders shared stories with Gordon while they were on this walk.

We’d also like to acknowledge the tremendous help that Stevie Germain played in harvesting the tree. He was able to guide Gordon through the forest and helped us safely harvest the tree. Thanks to Stevie and his knowledge of the woods, our mission was a success. Wela’lieg Stevie.

On Friday, Gordon came back to AGS and spent most of the day showing students his wood carving skills. The students even got to start carving the logs that will eventually make up the two new masks.

We would like to thank Gordon for his teachings and for his time spent in the community sharing his craft and love for his culture. Wela’lieg Gordon Sparks.

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