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Guidance Department

The main objective of the Guidance Department is to develop and enhance the social emotional development of the students.  

Miss Anita and Miss Dawn deliver Life Skills classes to the students from Nursery to Grade 8 on a weekly basis. They also facilitate social groups to assist with the development of student’s self-esteem and social skills and organize outside presenters and events to enhance the student’s overall development. 
Examples of some of the past and present groups include Carpentry, Culinary, Embroidery, Knitting, Storytelling, Coloring, and Pillow Making groups. Presenters and events include school related safety programs,
Bullying Awareness Week, Pink T- shirt Day, MADD, COVID-19 Safety Banner, Human Growth & Development classes & the HIV Symposium, Internet Safety, tour of the Wind Turbine Facility, Four-Wheeler Safety, an Elders event, Career Focusing and Alcohol & Drug Awareness.  
The programs are based on The Seven Sacred Teachings and include teachings and activities that promote knowledge and pride in our Indigenous language, culture, and heritage. The teaching methods used include instructional materials, stories, role-playing, hands-on activities and / or guest speakers and are grade level appropriate. The topics chosen each year are based on community, local or world issues; however, teacher requests for specific programs are also accommodated.


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Anita Basque

Guidance Counsellor

Dawn Basque

Guidance Assistant

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