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Where Mi'gmaq worldviews and concerns are central to learning and well-being

Siawinnui'sulti'gw - Siawimegitelsulti'gw - Siawignu'tmasulti'gw

Education Directorate in Listuguj

Gwe'! Listuguj offers education and training from K4 through adulthood.
Our programs are offered at 6 different locations in the community.
We have approximately 600 learners taking part in these programs,
both in community and throughout Canada. We're proud to support learners
and keep our Mi'gmaw ways of knowing strong.

In December of 2017, fluent Mi'gmaw speakers gathered over two days to talk about our future, as Mi'gmaq. Our vision statement is a strong reminder that we (ginu) continue to speak our language, we (ginu) continue to take pride in who we are, we (ginu) continue to learn.

Siawinnui'sulti'gw -
Siawimegitelsulti'gw -

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